By using this site, you agree you are of legal age in your state or country.  

Is this site legal?  
Yes, as long as those on it are complying with the laws in their area.  This includes the requirement to verify the age, residence and/or medical card, if  someone is buying a restricted item.  We have geo location in place to help so people don’t order a product from another state or country, but vendors MUST make sure.  Some will do it, thinking they can.  Any behavior of this nature demises the reputation of the companies/vendors on it, us and ruins how amazing this site is going to be for everyone.  Vendors must also list, if they have THC products, what state they are in.  Read the description and don’t buy if you aren’t legally allowed.  We strongly discourage the refunds of orders that are done illegally.  We consider it malicious/destructive and have a no tolerance for it.

ILLEGAL ACTIVITY?  If you see posts on the site that are for the sale of controlled substances by anyone that isn’t a vendor on our store, please notify us via  If you suspect someone is a minor using this site, we do not have any way of knowing that for sure, but if you’re able to show that, we will block them.  We strongly encourage those concerned about minors, to monitor their children’s internet activities.

Things we don’t allow:  Classifieds, Biz Listings, Posts, Profile, Activity, including messaging that are illegal, this includes pornography (because we don’t allow youth to come on to the site, doesn’t mean they don’t, as with any other site), or harassment.  This includes profiles impersonating,defaming or slandering other, repeatedly or otherwise, spamming, posting products that haven’t been approved.  (Please use other social sites to promote or spam, not this one.)  If you are a business, and related to this industry and operating legally, we are happy to have you list on the main page biz directory or as a vendor on our store/marketplace.  In regards to these things, please REPORT it to us via  We will block the person and remove them, in some situations we will actually report it to authorities.  For harassment issues, let us know and we WILL help so that you can legally resolve the issue.  Bullying isn’t tolerated.

Vendor Responsibility:  Listing your products, you agree to put in the product description your state or country.  You are agree to post any FDA disclaimer for products that we all know are great for our health, but currently not approved by the FDA.  CDB products are legal in most areas, including shipping throughout the 50 states of the U.S. Vendors agree to be informed of their local area laws and abide by them.  If your state or country doesn’t allow your product or the sale of it, don’t list it on BudLodge.  Vendors agree to include their taxes (if applicable or a regulated item) in their product description and include it the price of the product. Vendors agree to verify age, residence and/or medical card, where applicable, for certain products before filling.  If they are unable, please Contact us, in case of user error. Vendors are encouraged to put a no-refund policy for illegal purchasing.  Vendors are encouraged to contact authorities and report people that try to make illegal purchases.  Vendors agree not to add products, after approval, that they are not licensed for.  Any restricted item vendor must show proof of compliance before posting such products.  If delivery isn’t allowed, don’t do it.  If you’re in a country where shipping isn’t, then don’t do it.  Vendors hold full accountability for their actions and agree to hold this site and anyone affiliated with it harmless for their actions, in-action.  You know better, so don’t lose your business thinking you can skip around the laws on this site.  We have many vendors, and the shop/marketplace is for legal sales and information only.

Any cannabis businesses can only show their menu for pre-ordering/pickup like competing sites, or they may advertise.  However, they must be in compliance with their state and show such for our records.  We do not allow cannabis purchasing.  Vendors of cannabis related products on our market place, designed similar to Amazon, must also comply with strict guidelines to be on and a part of  This also includes advertisers.  We are a pro cannabis business and enthusiast site.  All advertisers must be related to the industry.

Individuals that attempt to post illegal activity, including illegal sales are blocked and banned from the site.  We have a reporting system to ensure everyone enjoys the site, but also ensuring it is safe and law abiding.  THIS IS NOT A SITE WHERE “DISCREET” means illegal activity is acceptable.  We encourage anyone that reports such attempts to also report to law enforcement.  WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE for this.  It affects our reputation and that of legitimate businesses on BudLodge.

Refund policies please see vendor before ordering.  We discourage refunds and vendors allowing it.  If an item your purchased is broken or malfunctioned, the vendor is encouraged to replace the items.  BudLodge, Inc. will not refund orders, unless under certain circumstances.  For help,


We have strict policies for businesses providing regulated items in their state or country.  Any user or business on this site that attempts to provide regulated items illegally, will be banned.  Such activities affect the reputation of our brands and us.  It can even cause the loss of business.  There is a zero tolerance policy for filling orders without resident/age and/or medical verification, shipping and/or delivery where not allowed.  Under no circumstances do we condone users to attempt to make purchases illegally.  We require vendors of regulated products to have a zero refund policy.  We also hold all our vendors responsible for providing quality products to their buyers.  Failure to do so, or ship as they describe can have your marketplace removed.  All vendors MUST list the state/country they are located.  Health products must have an FDA disclaimer on each of their products.  (More information is provided in the Vendor area.)

Things we do allow:  There are stigmas and stereotypes, even though we all voted for legalization.  Doesn’t mean if you’re seen going to a dispensary, it won’t be used against you in your community.  We know many social sites and other companies in IT are staying away from this industry and do randomly block all or some people’s posts, pages, etc. related to cannabis.  You can post how-to vids, share it to our future youtube for stoners vid page or post on your own profile, share pics of your girls (flowers) on the main page wall, ask questions for help, and as the site grows, get a response from someone with advice on what is the best product to purchase or what might be causing your flower to not look as gorgeous as she should.

We also allow Anonymous:  Create a profile with whatever username you choose, you’re real name doesn’t show on the site, but it allows you to build your community of friends to recognize you when you go to our future chat, add you as a friend and post reviews of products you love, without having to worry people outside of this lifestyle will fire you from your job.  Note:  Again, people may abuse this and other features of the site that are free or fun. So, please report it. w/a link, subject “REPORT VIOLATION”.

We look forward to helping more laws pass in different states and removing the stigma in the IT/DOT com industry and to those who have incredible products but aren’t getting seen.

It benefits the site user, the vendors, the company, but more important the world and it’s economy.  The transition to internet cannabis shouldn’t be the way it is.  There are many things that need to change and improve, if you agree, speak up.  Nothing gets done if you don’t use your voice and follow it with actions.

Need help or info?  Did we forget something here? & provide us with feedback so we can address it.  Thank you for abiding by our terms of site use and services.  As a community, anyone using this site, please do so responsibly and don’t abuse it.  Now enjoy the site, keep it cool and keep it fun.

 READ GET STARTED page for info on profiles, advertising and vendors before creating a profile and/or requesting Vendor Approval.  Why list your products on BudLodge?  Read about our mission, traction and more HERE!  We are also happy to help and currently don’t charge to assist in getting your products up or for marketing your brand and products.