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December 4, 2017

Rules, Terminology, Profiles, Listing FAQ, Concierges & More!

RULES FOR SITE USE:  All users, visitors and profile creators must be of legal age to use the site. with any questions regarding the above or below.

All profiles automatically allow you to “add property” and on our end note you as an “owner” or “host”.  Some hosts are chefs providing classes or catering, some are guides, some are events or BudLodge Concierges , some are guests and some are hosts that provide rooms, including hotels, hostels, bnbs or entire homes for booking.  All are considered advertisers.

It is important when you create your profile to edit with an image and note which one you are.  Having an image on your profile, and noting if you are a guest, or other, encourages interaction and reviews.

All profiles created must be by an individual or individual representing a company and the person MUST be 21 or over (or other, depending on the laws in your city, state or country.)  All visitors of the site, must also be in compliance with the age requirement.

PAYMENT:  When creating your profile, use the email you use in order to receive payment!

SALES & IMAGES BY HOSTS/GUESTS or Other Types of Site Users:

It is not legal for anyone to sell or advertise prices for cannabis or use images of actual cannabis or smoking accessories.  Further, it is not legal for guests or hosts to sell cannabis.  It is also not legal to sell cannabis or increase prices for providing what is complimentary by hosts.  It is not legal to transport cannabis across state lines.  Hosts that do not provide complimentary items or do, often have discount deals with local dispensaries and can direct you to them.


Advertising, including of dispensaries or products or services or hosts or other on the site is not an endorsement of them.  Please do your homework before booking or connecting with (via email or through the site) anyone on  In that respect, being on this site, even with a profile means you are an advertiser.


Create a profile, include an image and description of yourself.

Click “Add property” and include description, title (keep short), images under 2MB, your featured image, choose category (room, event, etc.), location (if you travel, like chefs, note on your profile and listing), etc.

Email: for it to be reviewed and published so others can find and book you through BudLodge.  There are many adding to the site, so please be patient.  If you do not contact us, we will not know you created a listing.

Have additional listing options?  Go to top area and “add property” and repeat instruction above.

     Taxes, etc. are an option when you are creating your listing, you must comply with your city, state, country.  We do not take a percentage of it or any deposits you charge, BUT, if you charge a deposit, you are required to refund it yourself.  As you will have collected the amount, which is paid when the person books.

     Cancellations:  Are set by you, however, due to payment policy for credit cards, we do not refund amounts paid if cancelled less than 48 hrs in advance.  Further, if you overbook, due to not following the policy below, we do not refund.

     Use of Other Travel Sites/Double Booking:  You are responsible to update your listing availability.  We do have the software plugin enabled for you to update your listing, like you would on AirBnB and or other sites.  If you do not have that program, you must go into your listings and update availability manually.  Otherwise, you can get overbooked and we do not refund bookings under this circumstance.

HOSTS w/ROOMS for Booking:
You must be in a legal state or country and abide by city, state and/or country laws.
You must be in all other legal compliance and abide by any property rules, taxes, association or contracts.
You may not increase your fee for being 420 friendly.
You MUST at least provide an indoor/outdoor area for a minimum of vape.
You may not sell cannabis or items used for it’s consumption.
You MAY contact local dispensaries to provide discounts to your guests.  You may also provide transportation to such dispensaries.  You may also contact brands for t-shirts and awesome gift baskets to your guests.
Your guests must be of legal age.
Areas of cannabis use may not allow the visibility by minors and you should contact local laws to determine how far you must be from any parks, schools, etc.


Do not sell or transport cannabis or cannabis related items across state or country lines.  Traveling with cannabis in legalized states or countries, you must be in compliance of law with the amount you are.  Observe the policy of the host, some only allow designated vape areas (which may be indoors or outdoors).  Respect the privacy of other guests.  Most hosts and even guests can refer you to quality places for dining and tourist attractions.  Most hosts can also refer you to and some provide transportation to dispensaries with discounts.  Some hosts are in “MEDICINALLY” legal states.  Those hosts can be contacted so you can determine what information you need in order to obtain a medical card, as well as the cost to do so.  All guests must be in compliance with all laws of the city, state and/or country they are visiting.  No guests or bookings are allowed by minors.  All guests should be respectful of other guests, neighbors and surrounding areas, including compliance of the laws in the area.

Some will note in their description whether they may be booked for events or hosts, some are available for travel or provide classes at their location.  (Again, read description and their profile.)  Classes & catering require the booking to provide the cannabis.  The cannabis chef can help you make an informed decision on the proper dispensary and type of cannabis you’re interested in and amount needed for preparation.  (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Shake, etc.)

EVENTS:  Conventions, Cups, Fests, Parties

EARN $. and earn money by directing your event attendees to book through


Besides images, including one of you on your profile, here is an article that may give you some great insight on improving the results you can have on  Article on LinkedIn by Justin Mink, Marketing guru:    Improve Results


You are the key to ensuring your hosts are seen on the net through social media and able to not only earn revenue from finding 420 friendly hosts in legal countries and states, but also a % of bookings from your posts.

$20 is paid to you per host that creates a profile, adds a property (room) and is booked.  It is paid once per host that does so and upon their first booking through you.

Afterward, you are able to earn commission via a link for all hosts that you market through social media and receive a booking from that link.  It is tracked and you will receive an affiliate ID.

In order to take part, you must be of legal age.  If laws allow, you may contact friends or businesses in legal states or countries.  This program is for room host bookings only (chefs, events, etc. not applicable).

You must create a profile with description and image and in order to take part.

This is a limited time affiliate program.  We will notify all Concierges when it is removed and we will only allow a certain amount to signup.


Unable to market/plug hosts on social media but know people that would be great at it?

Create a profile, with image and description and

When your BudLodge Concierges completes the above, you receive $5 per that signs up, upon their first booking per host.

This is a limited time referral program.  Will notify all when it is removed.

ADVERTISEMENT:  Dispensary or other and want to be seen on our site, or even a specific listing?

CONTACT US: with any questions regarding the above.

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