Employment Opportunities:

We have the widest target audience for cannabis businesses & enthusiasts.  Dubbed the Amazon for Pot, but we have atmosphere/community, ensuring return traffic for increased exposure and revenue for businesses on our site.  We also allow hemp oil & glass ware products for vendors.

We are the home for businesses and enthusiasts, building to eliminate the need for search engines or using multiple sites.

Within our first 46 days of existence, in demo mode with few features, 3.1 million hits and we crashed.  No other site known has done that, dot com history!  The fast flow of traffic, mostly U.S. based and organic, was the most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed.  Anyway, upon full launch, expect traffic to be far beyond that.  (We’re working to move domain for higher speed and redundancy.)


Sales & Social Media Reps:  Send your resume w/position of interest and cover to Support@BudLodge.com  MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME & LOCATION IN SUBJECT SO YOUR EMAIL DOESN’T GET LOST.  Wes will respond with your Independent Rep contract and additional information needed for you to get started.

Include:  Links to your social media accounts.  If you have to hide from this industry, then we cannot accept you.

Create a profile on the site.  You MUST understand what you are selling.  If you don’t know the site (product), how can you sell it?  There are MANY pages that receive a lot of traffic, not just the store, where ads stand out for brand recognition.

In particular visit the Add Your Biz link in the green drop down area under Sell or Company Info.

Note:  Pay for sales is 20% of Home Page Directory and Ad Space.  Products by vendors are not part of this.  We don’t charge vendors a monthly fee to be on the site.  Simply 15% of their sales for a place to call home.  They don’t earn, we don’t, and we do market our vendors.

Ads:  Anyone interested must be a cannabis or cannabis industry related business for outside links.  We also allow product links via home page.  (See the Add Your Biz link for an idea of the vast amount of 420 friendly businesses allowed.)

Email:   Wes Folsom, COO via Support@BudLodge.com w/the above info.

He will then send you some info, along with an independent contract that MUST be signed to begin.  We do NOT allow any toe stepping.  Lead lists to cross check (not actual contact info) must be provided.

Sales Rep Regional Managers:

We are a world wide company.  As our team grows, we will need more than just the above.  Those to be considered for positions MUST show results.  Our industry is different than any other, it has it’s imperfections, even with the increasing legalization, it is a challenge, and if you can’t close then it is hard to help your team do so.

Always check the site for updates, I’m the tech/vision.  There are constant changes, often daily, that includes site improvements, code and even issues (speed is something we are working on).  Wes’ must keep up with your needs, not what I’m doing (to an extent).  He is exceptional and available to help you, as we build this company into what it should be and what so many people want!

Questions or Help, Wes Folsom, COO & Co-Founder:  Support@BudLodge.com


We do not charge a monthly fee, simply 15% of sales.  This covers our ability to have merchant processing w/credit cards and the fees.  Products cannot include THC.  CBD/Hemp Oil and glass is allowed as are many other categories.  The sales from products is NOT part of our Sales Team efforts.   All interested vendors must create profile as their business name as username, click vendor interest and then email our CEO, Justine via Contact@BudLodge.com to be activated to use vendor dashboard and add/edit products.

Companies with THC, edibles, etc. (like Auntie Dolores and other companies), should list as a B2B for Retail on the home page directory which also allows reviews and response.  The page with information is https://www.BudLodge.com/add-your-listing/   All sales reps should review this and rest of site thoroughly.  It is important that you also create a profile so you can fully understand our company and what we are doing and will be.

-POSTED BY: JUSTINE BAKER, CEO & Co-Founder Contact@BudLodge.com