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Everything Cannabis!


Increase brand awareness and revenue for multiple vendors in the cannabis (and related) industries. Create an atmosphere for users & allow ease with discreet shopping.


We are voting around the world, yet we still can’t buy what we want and discover things we didn’t know exist.  People want the “amazon for pot”, and we are giving it to them.


Please email us with any questions.

This is a legitimate marketplace for business around the world that follow the laws of their area.  We welcome your business and look forward to helping you increase your revenue without any monthly or setup fees.

Any cannabis businesses can only show their menu for pre-ordering/pickup like competing sites, or they may advertise.  However, they must be in compliance with their state and show such for our records.  We do not allow cannabis purchasing.  Vendors of cannabis related products on our market place, designed similar to Amazon, must also comply with strict guidelines to be on and a part of  This also includes advertisers.  We are a pro cannabis business and enthusiast site.  All advertisers must be related to the industry.

Individuals that attempt to post illegal activity, including illegal sales are blocked and banned from the site.  We have a reporting system to ensure everyone enjoys the site, but also ensuring it is safe and law abiding.  THIS IS NOT A SITE WHERE “DISCREET” means illegal activity is acceptable.  We encourage anyone that reports such attempts to also report to law enforcement.  WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE for this.  It affects our reputation and that of legitimate businesses on BudLodge.


We have strict policies for businesses providing regulated items in their state or country.  Any user or business on this site that attempts to provide regulated items illegally, will be banned.  Such activities affect the reputation of our brands and us.  It can even cause the loss of business.  There is a zero tolerance policy for filling orders without resident/age and/or medical verification, shipping and/or delivery where not allowed.  Under no circumstances do we condone users to attempt to make purchases illegally.  We require vendors of regulated products to have a zero refund policy.  We also hold all our vendors responsible for providing quality products to their buyers.  Failure to do so, or ship as they describe can have your marketplace removed.  All vendors MUST list the state/country they are located.  Health products must have an FDA disclaimer on each of their products.  (More information is provided in the Vendor area.)


Reporting Illegal Activity, including Harassment:

Violations and or posts on various parts of this site that are illegal should be reported to authorities, and to us via Please include a link to the activity, so that we can investigate.

Harassment of users or vendors, including slander, defamation will not be tolerated.  If you are the subject of such, please contact us with link and/or screenshots of such activity.  We will do everything we can to assist, if you choose to pursue legal or criminal action against the individual.