On October 24/25th we started designing Features began with:  Stoned or Not, a chat, demo store, articles, classifieds and a biz directory.

We launched a test market campaign, during our prototype design phase.  By day 46, over 3.1 million hits with approx. 900k unique (return & organic).

That amount of traffic is unheard of with a startup, especially when it was beta.  Analysis of traffic, feedback from many visitors, even attempted purchases helped us determine what users want…

“The amazon for pot.”


We had over 3 million hits in demo mode.  Upon launch w/products & new features, expect our traffic to be record breaking.

Advertising Space:

1.  Main Page:  Top Slider Image w/ Link to Your Product or Featured Products – inquire
2.  Main Page:  Activity Wall  (if you have products, promote, but don’t spam) – free for vendors
3.  Chat Announcements – inquire
4.  Subscriber – We don’t provide you emails of site users.  However, if you have product promos, we do email those out. -inquire
5.  Secondary Pages (Community, Video, Stoned or Not, Article Pages) – Side Bar – inquire
6.  Biz Directory (“yellow pages”) Listings Search – Side Bar – inquire
7.  Biz Directory – Add your company, video, links, google map, etc. $yearly fee

Types of Advertising:

Product Links, Product Links with Images, Outside Links w/Your Brand Image or…

BUDLODGE PRODUCT/SERVICE APPROVED:  Have your product or service reviewed and approved with labeling, sticker and/or authorized use of our logo.  This is not a handout, we do not accept everyone and in some cases, must review your product at your facility (if a regulated item).  Licensing fee of our logo will be applied.  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY

Analysis of Traffic:  Top Pages

1.  Main Page
2.  Chat
3.  Shop
4.  Stoned or Not
5.  Video (soon to allow user video upload & participation)
6.  Biz Search
7.  Articles
8.  Classifieds
9.  Profiles

We only accept ads that are related to Cannabis/Hemp Industry Products, Services & Events.  For Pricing on Advertising, please Wes Folsom via