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When User Clicks an Option or Finds the Specific Business, Listing (w/out Video) Your Listing Looks Like This…or Better:

(Note:  Menus for Retail & Med/Rec Dispensaries are allowed.)

Features for our Home Page Biz Search: $200

Dispensary?  Keep a list of main your main products kept in stock or add/edit w/images as a menu for those looking.  We’ve made it easy.  Less time and overhead for your business.  We are building the single site cannabis businesses and enthusiasts will use.  Be found now and in the future.

Companies with THC, edibles, etc. (like Auntie Dolores and other companies), should list as a B2B for Retail on the home page directory.   This allows dispensaries and other companies to find you, see what products you offer and contact you.

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Is your business is already on the home page search? Would you like it to look better with all the features above?  Just click claim, after creating a profile and then you can edit, add info, video and have it stand out from the rest.

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1.  Save time and overhead
2.  Easier to Find You  – Most people aren’t aware of sites with some of our features.
3.  Wider Audience of Return Traffic – We are NOT just a directory, we have a multi-vendor marketplace (like Amazon for hemp & cannabis related products) and community.  We are a single site vs. many, with the largest targeted audience for cannabis businesses (including B2B & services) AND enthusiasts.

STATS:  First 46 days, demo mode and design, we wanted to make sure people wanted the “amazon for pot” and asked site users and businesses what features they needed and want on a single site.  We continue to do our best to build the site to both business and enthusiasts.

Day 46 we had 3.1 million hits and ultimately crashed a few times.  Now we are launching.  We are the future.

Search engines are time consuming.  Other sites are limited.  Many ban cannabis products, putting businesses out of business.

Here is a competitive comparison of what we offer:

Please go to https://www.BudLodge.com/addproducts/ for vendor info.

We do not charge a monthly fee, simply 15% of sales.  This covers our ability to have merchant processing w/credit cards and the fees.  Products cannot include THC.  CBD/Hemp Oil and glass is allowed as are many other categories.  All interested vendors must create profile as their business name as username, click vendor interest and then email our CEO, Justine via Contact@BudLodge.com to be activated to use vendor dashboard and add/edit products via “Vendor Dashboard” in the “SELL” drop down menu of our site. 

It is easy to create a store or add your biz.  If you need, we are happy to help and answer any questions.  Send message to Contact@BudLodge.com and we’ll help get you started.

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