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I lost a very good friend to ALS ,she was healthy and vibrant and when diagnosed passed away in less than one year! now we are finding out cannabis is neuroprotective and protects the nerve cells from damage and aging
Cathy Jordan’s legendary tale tells a very different story; she has been staying alive on cannabis for more than three decades. She was diagnosed with ALS in 1986 and given (See more) 3-5 years to live.

Now, Cathy says, “All my docs are retired or dead.” Science is finally catching up with this miracle patient. In studies on ALS mouse models mice were given THC, cannabidiol, or cannabidiol plus THC, or a placebo daily following the onset of signs of the disease. Results showed that among these options, CBD delayed the progression of the disease the most.

Scientists said the research from California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco showed that the FDA approved drug for ALS, riluzole, extends life on average by about two months, while evidence from their study suggests that a hemp-based therapy could have a much greater effect, perhaps extending life by three years or more.

Well, it seems Cathy Jordan has extended the three years to thirty.
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