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Amazon4 #Pot &more is now live! http://www.BudLodge.com &adding #dispensary #nutrients #headshop #concentrates #edibles #cbd #dabs #cannabis SAVE TIME BUY ONLINE visit the SHOP page via link above or add your products by creating a free profile & checking the vendor box, we'll contact you to approve & begin adding your regulated or non-regulated items around the world. (Categories are listed under the ALL button at top Search (See more) Store- grow supplies, actual cannabis, artists, books, dvds, health&beauty, etc. allowed.) For regulated items, you must prove that you be licensed within your state & we will set it up so that your products are only purchased by those in your state or country. There isn't a setup or monthly maintenance fee for your store, just 15%. You don't make $, neither do we. But you will and more than you think, our first 46 days of design, while test marketing over 3 million hits w/attempted purchases of demo items (we declined the payments). 16.5 million is spent online per 1/2 hr. We're going to increase that and give you the audience (free of having their accounts banned) to increase profits or actually start making one in a VERY competitive multi-billion dollar industry. If you're have questions or an INVESTOR, Contact@BudLodge.com & direct it to Justine.
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