Alaska Corporation
BudLodge, Inc.
6485 Haystack Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99712


Phone:  (702) 409-0006


BIO:  CEO/Founder, Justine Baker
Hostel: Assistant & Repeated Resident for over 2 1/2 years.
(This is how I originally came up with BudLodge and w/the legalization of rec in Alaska, though the hostel is not 420, returned to the site’s origins, now preparing to launch as the AirBnB for 420 Friendly Places to Host or Book.)
CEO & Co-Founder: a web portal for travelers to share experiences.
15+ yrs ago:
CIO:  Dibco, Inc. startup, html media overlay, flash developer for e86 devices in hotels/casinos.
NetAdmin and Customer Account Manager, HelloNetwork, live video streaming social network
Founder,, knowledge portal, with Abilene, I2 and a list of advisers from various universities and corporations.
Founder, MacroGirl, website design firm specializing in Macromedia software and custom code & design.
Founder, Tycoon Technologies – early smart phone technology w/Windriver, Qualcomm advisers/team & prototype design.
Other:  1st position was cleaning at Nevada Business Journal, where my mother was a typesetter.  I am observant and curious by nature, grateful to those there in showing me magazine layout.  I went on to assist my mother’s own company, as a desktop publisher & graphic designer.  She always excelled as an entrepreneur.  Her, and my grandmother, an Engineer for Bendix (most all of her life) were my biggest influences in business and work ethic.


Corporate Legal Counsel: insert info
Criminal Legal Defense Counsel: insert info
Accountant/CPA: insert info
Plus the many connections made through LinkedIn.  Thank you.

Investor Info.

For questions and interest, please contact us via email or by calling, (702) 409-0006

About Us:

We are launching as the AirBnB for Cannabis, a solution for travelers/hosts in states or countries where marijuana is legalized, giving them the ability to find 420 friendly places to stay/book and even find packages like:  Cannabis Cooking, Grow Lessons, even book helicopter tours to adventure packages, at the same time.  Welcome Home, where cannabis use is allowed and not discriminated or stigmatized.  (Please note:  some 420 friendly hosts may only allow vaping, due to fire concerns or issues with other guests.)

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at: BudLodge, Inc. (702) 409-0006