Change the World with Cannabis!


Increase brand awareness and revenue for multiple vendors in the cannabis (and related) industries. Create an atmosphere for users & allow ease with discreet shopping.  (The social stigma still exists.  We shouldn’t feel or be treated like we are visiting the “red light” district.  Being seen affects our relationships, careers and social status.  It shouldn’t.)

Any cannabis businesses can only show their menu for pre-ordering/pickup like competing sites, or they may advertise.  However, they must be in compliance with their state and show such for our records.  We do not allow cannabis purchasing.  Vendors of cannabis related products on our market place, designed similar to Amazon, must also comply with strict guidelines to be on and a part of  This also includes advertisers.  We are a pro cannabis business and enthusiast site.  All advertisers must be related to the industry.

Individuals that attempt to post illegal activity, including illegal sales are blocked and banned from the site.  We have a reporting system to ensure everyone enjoys the site, but also ensuring it is safe and law abiding.  THIS IS NOT A SITE WHERE “DISCREET” means illegal activity is acceptable.  We encourage anyone that reports such attempts to also report to law enforcement.  WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE for this.  It affects our reputation and that of legitimate businesses on BudLodge.


We are voting around the world, yet we still can’t buy what we want and discover things we didn’t know exist.

Users/Customers: Currently rely on Google searches and single websites to find products. Limiting them to a single business and often no purchase or smaller purchases.

Brands/Vendors:  Entrepreneurs don’t want to be “hobbyists”.  They want a business that can support what they love doing.  Countless sites limit revenue, exposure to brand/product/service and building a reputation for quality.

Cannabis Specific Companies:  Many of the cannabis directories end up hurting business profits.  Text blasts and the “marketing” costs to stay ahead, only to still undersell, forced to haggle and still lose.  Until BudLodge, there wasn’t a better option.


A single site to find all products and services, with the ability to interact and buy.  Integrate social features for organic growth & return.


People want to buy more than just pot.  Cannabis revenue is only a fragment of the industry.  Related products is a large market ignored because it isn’t easily seen or found.  We don’t know we need it, if we can’t see it.

BudLodge is a site for all cannabis* and related products.  It is also a taboo free area for discussion, socializing and discrete purchasing.


On October 24/25th, we started designing our prototype.
Features began with:  Stoned or Not, a chat, demo store, articles, classifieds and a biz directory.
We launched a test market campaign.  By day 46, over 3.1 million hits with approx. 900k unique (return & organic).  The site started booting people, 503 errors and then full crash.

That amount of traffic is unheard of with a startup, especially when it was beta.  Analysis of traffic, feedback from many visitors, even attempted purchases helped us determine what users want…

“The amazon for pot.”  (This is the best way to explain we are a multi-vendor marketplace for legal cannabis & related products.  We do not allow illegal unlicensed businesses to be a vendor on our site.)

At 102 days of existence, we have approximately 30 vendors adding products, including dispensaries and a few major industry brands, in a variety of categories.  We also had our first sale!

WHAT’S COMING/Traction Retention:

Besides great products and selection, we’re improving our social features.  People love to interact and share their knowledge or gain more without stigma.  Our social area will advance with a better chat (a feature that was popular and allowed ads), as well as our version of the stoner’s Youtube (free from embedded ads but prime space for ads outside of the videos).  All social pages improve product visibility and sales for our vendors and advertisers.


Upon the products being added, we will be warp speed ahead with marketing the site and helping brands become KNOWN.  While we also continue to provide a community that is free of stigma w/features that return traffic & increase visibility of new and existing brands.

The Cannabis Industry alone is a multi-billion dollar market.  (That largely doesn’t include related products.)  16.5 million dollars is spent every 1/2 hr online.  Now merge that with the multi-trillion dollar online retail industry (e-commerce).  The result is BudLodge.

BudLodge, Inc.
Incorporated, February 25th, 2017
6485 Haystack Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99712